Situations In Which Hiring Pro Movers Really Is A Smart Choice


Plenty of people move on their own — or with the help of friends — with few issues. However, there are definitely times when hiring professional, residential movers is the best option. Here are some situations in which you're best off hiring a moving service.

1. You have a lot of heavy items

Moving heavy furniture and other heavy items is not easy. Simply getting such items out of your home and into a moving truck can be difficult. You need the right equipment, and you really need a few people to help out. Rather than risk injuring yourself or getting something stuck in your home, hire movers. Professional movers have the right dollies and carrying systems to move large and heavy items safely. Movers also tend to be strong since they lift and carry things day after day, so they'll probably have an easier time than the average person when lifting heavy items.

2. You have to transport your things a long distance

Orchestrating a long-distance move on your own is a lot of work. You have to drive a moving truck a long way, which is tough when you're not used to driving such a large vehicle. You may have to make plans to stay at a hotel along the way. It's often much easier to just hire movers to get your items from Point A to Point B. Then, you only have to worry about getting yourself and your family from Point A to Point B.

3. You're crunched for time

Do you need to be all moved into your new house by a certain date? Perhaps you have to start a new job the day after you move in. When you're crunched for time, hiring movers is often the best move. You can leave them to handle the packing, transportation, and unloading so you have a bit more time to spare for your own obligations.

4. You have health problems that limit your agility or mobility

Moving is physically demanding. If you have arthritis, an old injury, or an illness that makes you less physically capable, then moving may be even harder on you than the average person. Instead of powering through and risking pain or injury as a result, you are best off leaving things to the movers.

Sometimes moving on your own is feasible, but sometimes it is not. If you're in any of the situations above, consider hiring professional residential moving services.


13 October 2021

Advice for Making Difficult Moves Less Stressful

I still remember when I moved into my very first apartment after I graduated from college. All I had to move were a few boxes of my belongings across town and then wait for the furniture company to drop off my new furniture! I soon found out that the longer you live in one place, the more "stuff" you end up having. The next time I moved, I remember feeling very overwhelmed and didn't have anyone go give me good moving advice. I know there are other people like I was and facing a difficult move without a lot of people to help. I want to help make everyone's moves easier by making a blog with my moving tips. I plan to post new advice frequently, so come back when you need moving help!