The Top Family-Related Times Full Service Moving Companies Can Help


Who can benefit from a full service move? Full service moving companies can help you at every step of the way—from packing to unpacking. But not every household needs this broad range of options. If you're not sure whether to select local movers who offer full service or not, take a look at the top family-related times you may need this type of moving option.

You're Pregnant

The added strain of bending over to pack boxes, lifting moving containers, and carrying furniture present physical risks during pregnancy. While it's not likely that you'll struggle to pick up a bag of groceries or other (similarly light) everyday items, your to-move containers are another story.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), jobs that require pregnant women to lift heavy items more than one time per every five minutes or bend at the waist 20 or more times each day could raise the risk for adverse birth-related outcomes such as miscarriage or preterm delivery. Even though moving isn't your job, the CDC's guidance does relate to your overall activity level. If your move requires bending, lifting, and carrying (which almost all do), a full service mover can help.

You Have Young Children

Pregnancy isn't the only reason to hire a full service contractor. Even though your baby or young children won't raise the physical risks of your move, they can make it more of a challenge to plan, pack, lift, and transport everything from point A to point B.

Instead of toting your tots along with you to the packing or office supply store to buy boxes, bags, and bubble wrap or hiring a sitter to watch the kids while you organize and add everything in your home to moving containers, let a full service company do all the work for you. A full service option gives you time to spend with your family and will keep your young children far from potential packing and moving hazards. 

You Need To Care for Family Members

Infants and young children require 24-7 care. But sometimes other family members do too. These loved ones could include older children and teens who are sick or injured, a spouse who is sick or injured, or an elderly parent or grandparent. If you need to care for a family member who in the past may have cared for themselves, you may not have the extra time or energy to pack and move without full service help.


16 March 2022

Advice for Making Difficult Moves Less Stressful

I still remember when I moved into my very first apartment after I graduated from college. All I had to move were a few boxes of my belongings across town and then wait for the furniture company to drop off my new furniture! I soon found out that the longer you live in one place, the more "stuff" you end up having. The next time I moved, I remember feeling very overwhelmed and didn't have anyone go give me good moving advice. I know there are other people like I was and facing a difficult move without a lot of people to help. I want to help make everyone's moves easier by making a blog with my moving tips. I plan to post new advice frequently, so come back when you need moving help!