4 Things To Know About Climate-Controlled Storage


Are you in need of a storage unit, but are picking between a unit that has climate controls and one that doesn't? If so, it will help to know the following things about climate-controlled storage units so that you know what you are getting.

Indoor Units Are Not Always Climate Controlled 

One thing to keep in mind when looking at storage units is what they are called. While it is common for outdoor storage units to not offer any type of climate control, anything labeled as an indoor unit may not offer this option as well. Make sure that if you see something advertised as an indoor unit that you know if it has climate controls are not. Do not assume that it does. Indoor units may still see temperature fluctuations during the year, though not as extreme as the outdoor units. 

Climate-Controlled Storage Units Will Tell You The Temperature Ranges

If you do have things you are storing that are sensitive to temperature, make sure that you fully understand what the temperature ranges are. The storage facility should advertise what the temperature ranges and humidity levels are in the storage units so you have clear expectations. This helps ensure that everything you store that is temperature-sensitive remains safe. This also means it will be comfortable to go into the facility as well. 

Climate Controlled Storage Offers Air Regulation

You may not realize that climate-controlled storage units actually have air ducts that go into every storage unit. It is not just heating and cooling the storage facility itself. This means that you'll have air regulation inside the unit. You can pack the unit very tightly, and air is going to circulate over your belongings and prevent mold growth from happening. This is a common problem that happens in outdoor units that you may not be aware of.

Climate-Controlled Units Offer More Security

The nature of having a storage unit in an indoor facility means that you are going to have more security compared to an outdoor storage unit that you can drive up to. There are typically security measures in place that will prevent anyone from entering the building. In addition, there are generally security cameras in the facility. These will prevent someone from just being able to walk right up to your storage unit.

Want more information about self-storage? Contact a storage facility in your area to get answers to your questions. 


26 April 2021

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