Two Ways to Lower In-State Move Costs


If you are planning a major in-state move, you may be surprised at the cost. Often, moving to a city a few hours away can seem just as expensive as moving across the country. Fortunately, there are many tactics you can use to make your move fit your budget. The following are two tips you can utilize to lower the cost of an in-state move.

#1: Use local moving services when possible

Generally, moving services that travel more than a few miles outside of a county revert to long distance moving prices. This means you are paying more to move a relatively short distance, simply because you are changing cities. You can counteract this by piecing together your own move by using local residential movers at each end of the journey.

Start by renting your own truck and driving it between the two locations. Then, hire local loaders and unloaders to help you fill and then empty the truck. In some cases, there are local movers that will even drive the truck you rent, as well as load and unload it, for a fee less than using a full-service, one-way moving company. The truck rental can be a lot less expensive since you will be able to return it to the same pick-up location, just verify any mile limitations when renting.

#2: Plan for one day of transport

Another way you can save is that you can do the move in one day if you plan accordingly. Generally, moving trucks are much more affordable if you only rent them for one day. By having everything packed and staged to load into the truck the day before, you can get everything on the truck in just a few hours. A local moving crew can make this even faster.

Also, make sure you have made arrangements to get into your new place in advance so you can begin unloading as soon as you arrive. You don't want to lose time waiting for someone to deliver the keys or having to perform walk-throughs before you begin unloading. Not only will this help you avoid having to pay for an extra day for the moving truck, but it also helps minimize the hours you will have to pay the movers at either end of your journey.

Moving can be a pain, but by planning ahead you can minimize both the cost and stress. Contact a local mover for more help.


14 June 2019

Advice for Making Difficult Moves Less Stressful

I still remember when I moved into my very first apartment after I graduated from college. All I had to move were a few boxes of my belongings across town and then wait for the furniture company to drop off my new furniture! I soon found out that the longer you live in one place, the more "stuff" you end up having. The next time I moved, I remember feeling very overwhelmed and didn't have anyone go give me good moving advice. I know there are other people like I was and facing a difficult move without a lot of people to help. I want to help make everyone's moves easier by making a blog with my moving tips. I plan to post new advice frequently, so come back when you need moving help!