3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Facility After Flood Damage To Your Home


Most regular consumers see a storage facility and think that is a service they will only need if they ever move to a smaller place, find themselves in between houses, or need extra space around the house. However, storage units can be convenient and useful for many more reasons besides just times like these. In fact, if your home has been damaged by a flood, renting a storage unit temporarily could be one of the best decisions you make. Take a look at these three reasons why renting a storage facility after flood damage at home is a good idea.

Having a storage unit will give you a place to keep your dry belongings.

In most cases, when floodwaters enter the home and then recede, not everything inside of the house will be contaminated by water. It is important to get your dry belongings out of the way so they do not get coated with mold and mildew just by being inside the home where everything else is wet. For example, if you had clothing in the closet that the water did not reach, you will want to get these out of the home and in a safe, dry place quickly. Having a rented storage unit will give you the ideal place to keep your dry items until you can get your home cleaned up and repaired or get moved into a new place.

A rented storage unit will help prevent your valuables from being at risk.

Vandalism and theft after a flood at a residential property are a huge threat for property owners. Because of the damages to the house, the home may be left without power, without security system protection, and even without anyone home to protect it. It is a good idea to remove the valuable items you have in the house and store them in a safe place like a storage unit so you will not have to be concerned.

Renting a storage building can make cleanup processes easier.

During water damage restoration and floodwater cleanup project inside of a home, pretty much everything inside–from appliances to furniture– has to be taken out, cleaned, dried, and then placed back inside of the house when the house itself is cleaned up and safe. If you have a storage unit, you can place items into storage as they are cleaned and then retrieve them once the house is ready to move back into.

For more information, contact a company that offers moving services and storage units. 


23 May 2017

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