Storage Tips To Help Protect Your Furniture From Water Damage


Wood furniture is susceptible to moisture damage. This is because when wood absorbs moisture, it expands. This causes it to split and crack, something that then ruins its look. There is also the fact that moisture damages the finishing of furniture, making it more vulnerable to moisture damage. This makes shielding furniture from moisture damage important, especially when storing it in a storage unit. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you do so.

Wrapping the furniture

Wrapping furniture helps to shield it from scratches. This ensures that the furniture's protective wax layer is intact, something that goes a long way towards reducing the risks of water damage.

Wrapping the furniture in bubble wrap also protects it from direct water attacks. These attacks may be as a result of roof leaks, water seepage from neighboring storage units, or melting snow. The only thing that you should keep in mind when using this method is that the furniture needs to be wrapped in blankets before being covered with the bubble wrap. The blankets will absorb any moisture that forms as a result of condensation. It will therefore shield the furniture from this moisture, protecting it from water damage.

Using an air conditioner

Installing an air conditioner in your unit will eliminate temperature fluctuations. This will reduce the risks of cracking that usually occurs in cases where furniture is exposed to extreme environmental changes. Equally important is the dehumidifying role that the air conditioner also plays.

When an air conditioner cools air to a temperature that is below the dewpoint, it forces moisture in the air to condense. This lowers the amount of moisture in the air. Having an air conditioner in your unit will therefore eliminate the risks of mold damage and splitting that usually come with high humidity.

Using wooden pallets

Melting ice can seep under your storage unit's door. This water can then soak your furniture, damaging it. Water spills that occur in an adjacent unit can invade your unit and if your furniture is on the floor, it will get damaged.

To prevent damage that occurs as a result of melting ice and spills from an adjacent unit, it is always advisable to suspend your furniture from the floor. Wooden pallets are effective at getting this done. Place them on the floor and then place your furniture on top of them. Doing this will keep the invading water from causing it to either split or rot. It will therefore save you a lot as far as furniture restoration costs are concerned. For more information, contact companies like Allen's Transfer.


21 March 2017

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