3 Things To Do When Moving With A Home Full Of Pets


You might be the happy owner of several dogs that you keep in outdoor kennels, own a collection of rare birds, or have a saltwater fish tank that is home to your prized fish collection. If you own pets that have become fully ingrained in your home and family life, moving is going to present somewhat special circumstances. Making the transition to your new home for both you and your pets can be made immeasurably easier if you just make sure that you do the following three things well before you embark upon your trip to your new and suitable home.

1. Hire Professional Moving Help - If taking apart and packing your pet's exercise areas, living spaces, or even toys is going to be complicated, you are going to need help when it comes time to move. Hiring a relocation moving service when you have pets is preferred as you will want your animal companions to be comfortable and tranquil throughout the moving process. Having a relocation moving service around to aid you in packing their items up will enable you to start making changes to their living arrangements very close to the date of your expected move.

2. Pack All Pet-Related Items Up Last - You won't be able to keep your fish in a small tank for a long time, and packing up your cats' scratching posts a month before your expected moving date can leave you with a bunch of scratched up furniture. Leaving too many pets items out to be packed close to your move will only give you a lot more work to do, unless you have the help of a relocation moving service available to reduce your packing responsibilities. By packing and moving both your possessions and your pet items at the same time, you will have pets that are less antsy and more able to acclimate to their new home faster.

3. Have A Plan For Moving Your Pets - Packing up the items that your pets use regularly is well and good, but what about actually transporting your pets? Some animals can safely ride in cars to their new homes along with their owners, while others need to be carefully crated so that they don't become alarmed or create a disturbance. If you have several different kinds of pets, work with your relocation moving service and come up with a smart way to safely transport all of your beloved companions, along with your household items, soundly.


21 February 2017

Advice for Making Difficult Moves Less Stressful

I still remember when I moved into my very first apartment after I graduated from college. All I had to move were a few boxes of my belongings across town and then wait for the furniture company to drop off my new furniture! I soon found out that the longer you live in one place, the more "stuff" you end up having. The next time I moved, I remember feeling very overwhelmed and didn't have anyone go give me good moving advice. I know there are other people like I was and facing a difficult move without a lot of people to help. I want to help make everyone's moves easier by making a blog with my moving tips. I plan to post new advice frequently, so come back when you need moving help!